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March 20, 2017

First Post:  Just Start and the Future Entrepreneur


Yesterday Gary Vaynerchuk lit the fire under my ass: “If your thing is writing, write long posts on Instagram and Facebook, and your blog. Tomorrow.”  I respect Gary.  And I’ve been saying I’m going to blog.  Like, forever.  So Gary, this one’s a massive thanks to you. Bro. (Can a woman give a nod to the brotherhood?)

This is my first post.  It’s about three things: Just starting. Values that emerge from patterns. And the ideal future entrepreneur.

(F**k that’s a lot for a first post 😬)

I’m utterly freaked.  I don’t have everything in place. (In my mind I think there needs to be.)  No branding, no master continuity plan, no business, no email subscriber box. I don’t even have my social set up proper to funnel.  Massive uncertainty in all the possible ‘what if’ fall-outs.  But that fire is burning and I’m going to click ‘publish’ by the end of this.

Despite all the uncertainties I do know one thing for certain: My Truth. I can start with that.

My name “Maki” means Truth in Japanese.  I consider myself self-aware.  Truthful self-expression in service is my thing.  I’m still scared to call it my ‘mission’.  But Gary’s got a huge motivator: “You’re gonna die.”  And another truth:  You’re really not that important.  No one cares as much as you.   So it’s time I owned my burning desire to write and allow it to be ‘seen’.

I just changed my twitter banner to this:

Total commitment setup.  With a banner like that, now I’m going to have to blog.  (Being a solo parent to  two-year old twins this scares me to no end – can I keep this up?)  But I’m going run with it because it speaks to my core values.

Values that have emerged from patterns.  You see, this trifecta was inspired by Gary and if you follow him, you know what this means: 51/49 ~ always!  I’ve only been following Gary since the summer of 2016 but I see patterns in his talks that overlap with patterns in my values. I’ve been trying to figure out for years what drives and attracts me; the patterns in my passions.  Discovering Gary helped not only with the personal mission/thing but inspired what I believe is the Ideal Future Entrepreneur.

Gary, if you read this, thank you for being a model for future entrepreneurs.   You are game-changing entrepreneurship for the future, upping the bar, bringing humanity to business.   Big Thinkers, they called them at yesterday’s Real Talk Summit in Vancouver, Canada.  Huge shoutout to Connor Beaton and Mantalks for making it happen. 


The ideal future entrepreneur, specifically one who shapes at the level of humanity is:

Self-aware. Truthful. Gives first.


In my early 30’s I designed business cards with these words on the back:

Conscious. Courageous. Creative


In over a decade I’ve come full circle.  The trifecta of concepts is the same.

Self-awareness requires conscious attention.  Telling the truth requires courage.  Being creative allows you to give.  This last one needs some expansion.  I know I’m creative.  Not arts and craftsy.  Creative.  Inspired with solutions.  Flooded with ideas.  Like I’m tapped into supply from an unlimited Source.  Knowing this about myself means I can choose to give.  I’m secure in knowing I can always create more.

I believe some of us were gifted with creativity.  And I believe if you were gifted with it, part of your destiny is to give it.  Freely.  Do you recognize this gift in yourself?  

Yesterday’s ‘tomorrow’ is today’s ‘now’.  If you don’t start somewhere, you will always live in the gap yearning for what you can create in the present.   In reality there is no gap.  There’s only now and choice.

As Gary said yesterday, in the doing there is the learning.  By taking action, I’ll get information to make my next move.  Sharing my process has begun.  For those following #RTS2017, what about yours?  Will you bring your ‘Rick’ to life and make Gary proud?

Relate? Yes? No?  I’d love to hear your comments.

‘Publish’. Click.  Let it go.  



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