Hi, I appreciate your time here, checking this out.

This site is a portal to various creative outlets of mine. Writing, healthy lifestyle, photography, jewelry.

I like to make objects of beauty. I like to make good, simple, wholesome food. I intend to write about what matters.  A lot.

I’m also a full time solo parent to toddler twins so my ‘work’ dream is necessarily a process, housed here in all its imperfection. I’m never idle ~ I love to learn and problem solve and being a mother is that and plenty more.

It’s all a work in progress. That’s Life.

I love connecting with people, sharing the unique contexts we have that make our stories different but tying it together at depth. We’re all the same: We want to feel good, loved and that we matter.

The world is now everyone’s online oyster.  You never know who you can make a connection with. And what will come from it.  That, is exciting.  It just takes curiosity and guts.  So let’s do this. Today.

I’ll be at the 2017 Archangel Summit, Toronto.  VIP seats. I’d love to connect if you are too!


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