About MHB Designs

I once heard a woman say, “Call me a  crow, I love shiindex_collageny things”.  While my eyes do wander to all things shiny, my love of jewelry begins with my love of natural coloured stones.  For as long as I can remember I’ve been a rock hound, combing beaches for polished pebbles of agate, carnelian, or jade.  This passion morphed into a zeal to find the perfect strand of  semi-precious beads: cut, colour and clarity ~ mined, cut, polished and strung by someone in some far-off land like India…Yes, call me a romantic.  I discovered wire-wrapping as a technique to showcase beadstone jewelry.  For me, it’s a meditation lost in the awe of natural beauty, appreciating that every stone is unique, just like us.  There’s a great joy in selecting stones and adding my creative touch to produce a piece that brings a little bit of beauty into the world.  Someone once remarked to me that jewelry is not only a ‘feel good’ for the wearer but also a gift to others, for they are the observers.

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A few things to know about materials, quality and what’s possible with custom designs

rondelle_dot_face Necklaces: custom lengths possible

rondelle_dot_face Earrings: posts, clip-on or hoop options

rondelle_dot_face Materials: I only use quality materials that wear like gold and silver.  14K gold fill is my primary working material with genuine semi-precious stones.

rondelle_dot_face Turnaround time: Depending on the piece, 1 – 2 weeks is the usual time it takes to make an order. **This can vary greatly depending on stone availability

 rondelle_dot_faceCustom designs: I love to meet with clients to create a bespoke piece – knowing your personality and style, I can suggestion one-of-a-kind pieces. Alternatively, I can be on the lookout for stones that you desire to make that special piece.

rondelle_dot_face Workmanship Guarantee: All pieces are guaranteed for workmanship, just get in touch and I will repair it for you.

All pieces are original designs hand crafted by me.  If you see something you are interested in, please email mhbcreative@icloud.com for prices. Items marked SOLD can be made to order, or a similar item designed.